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Chule' Tatte Guahan

Minagahet Zine


Volume 7 Issue 1

September 27, 2009

Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i mina'kuarenta na Minagahet.

Gof apmam desde humuyong un issue Minagahet. Desde i ma’pos na December. Ai adai, kalang ti hongge’on este.

The absence of Minagahet for the past nine or ten months should not be interpreted as implying that nothing much has happened in Guam recently. So many things have been happening lately, and a few things which were supposed to happen, haven’t yet. There is definitely a change on the horizon, and as always, it will depend upon the activists and the people as to whether those changes benefit the few with the most, or the majority. In this issue of Minagahet, you will find links to several dozen articles dealing with the military buildup, the relationship between the Government of Guam and the US Federal Government, how the current political climate in Japan might affect the transfer of Marines from Okinawa to Guam, and finally updates on the work of those who are working to chule’ tåtte Guahan, or reclaim Guahan.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the bulk of the construction for the military increases the DOD is planning on Guam was supposed to be out several months ago. It was initially supposed to be released in April, then July, and now we're in September and the people who will be affected the most by it, have yet to see it. At the same time, there are political rumblings in Japan about their diplomatic and military relationships with the United States . The "transfer" is not in jeopardy in the sense that it might be cancelled, but there is a strong possibility that it could be delayed or the larger framework deal that its a part of could be renegotiated.

Two events that I participated in over the past few months will hopefully help change Guam in a different direction than those mentioned above. I helped organize the Reclaim Guahan/ Chule' Tatte Guahan Rally in May, which brought together 500 people of all ages interested in art, social change and decolonization on Guam to an all day event at Skinner's Plaza in Hagatna. Guam also hosted the 7th International Meeting of the Network of Women Against Militarism last week, which was inspiring in so many ways, as it brought together activists from all over the region together in Guam in hopes of building some solidarity against the increased militarization that is being planned from their governments.

For more information on the issues that this issue covers, you can check out the following blogs: JGPO Blog,, Decolonize Guam Blog, and my personal blog, No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro.

Also, the next issue of Minagahet will most likely feature the testimonies from Chamorros and their allies who will be traveling to the United Nations in New York City this October in order to testify about the state of Guam and the fact that it still awaits decolonization. Hopefully it won’t take as long as this issue did to put together. Asi’i’ yu’ ta’lo put i tinaigue-ña este.

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi




Fino' Chapones:

articles about the negotiations between the US and Japan

"Japan FM Wants Talks on US Military Base," from UPI, 09/18/09

"DOD Exec: Japan Has the Right to Question Transfer Cost," by Tiffany Sukola, The Marianas Variety, 09/16/09

"Strength of Japan-US Alliance Faces Uncertainty," by Richard Halloran, The Honolulu Advertiser, 09/13/09

"JGPO Preparing Update on Military Buildup," by Heather Hauswith, KUAM, 08/21/09

"Buildup's Start May Be Delayed," by Dionesis Tamondong, The Pacific Daily News, 09/26/09

"DOD Office to Push Local Issues on Buildup," by Dionesis Tamondong, Pacific Daily News, 09/16/09

"'Incoming Tokyo Government Threatens Split with US," by Julian Rall, The Telegraph, 09/11/09

"Bill May Complicate planned Camp Schwab Airstrip," by Leo Shane III and David Allen, The Marianas Variety, 2/25/08

"Japan's Opposition Would Push US to Renegotiate Troop Move," by Sachiko Sakamaki and Takashi Hirokawa, Bloomberg, 07/17/09

"Likely "Japan Prime Minister" Could Stall Guam Buildup," by Jeff Marchessault, Guam News Factor, 07/26/09

"Election Not Expected to Alter US-Japan Ties," by David Allen and Chiyomi Sumida, 08/30/09

"Japanese Lawmakers May Challenge US Realignment Deal," by David Allen and Chiyomi Sumida, 09/03/09

"Pentagon Holding Firm on Japan Base Realignment Agreement," by David Allen, Stars and Stripes, 09/12/09

"US Commander Indicates Change to Planned Force Realignment in Japan," Kyodo, 06/05/09


articles about Federal Receiverships and the Government of Guam

"DMHSA Defends Actions," by Agnes Donato, The Pacific Daily News, 09/20/09

"GovGuam Found to be in Civil Contempt," by Mindy Aguon, KUAM, 03/20/09

"A Guam Legislature Walkout?!," by Michael Lujan Bevacqua, No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro, 03/05/09

"The Rise of Nationalism," by Therese Hart, The Marianas Variety, 03/20/09

"60 Years Later, Feds Still Lord Over Guam" by Victoria Leon Guerrero, The pacific Daily News, 03/06/09

"Receiver May Take DMHSA," by Dionesis Tamondong, Pacific Daily News, 09/19/09

"Medical examiners board investigating physician practicing without license," by Janjeera Hail, KUAM, 08/28/09

"Senators Ok Lawsuit vs. Gatewood," by Therese Hart, The Marianas Variety, 05/20/09

"Conspiracy Theorists Line Up Here" by Senator Ben Pangelinan, The Marianas Variety, 03/29/09

"Senators Hit $1M Payout Plan," by Therese Hart, The Marianas Variety, 01/15/09

"Cruz: We Can't Trim: Camacho Weighs Cuts to Pay for Landfill," by Agnes Donato, The Pacific Daily News, 01/16/09

"GPSS Banned from Ordot," by Therese Hart, The Marianas Variety, 05/21/08

"Receiver to GovGuam: Acquire Landfill Land," by Gina Tabonares, The Marianas Variety, 04/07/08

"Governor Never Gave Budget for Dump Closure," by Therese Hart, The Marianas Variety, 03/18/08

"Firm Takes Over Dump: Court Says All Remedies Exhausted," by Gina Tabonares, 03/18/08

"Federal Receiver Takes Over GovGuam Solid Waste Management," by Mindy Aguon, KUAM, 03/17/08

I Mamta' Militat:

articles about military buildup on Guam

"Guam Designated Strategic Seaport," by Agnes Donato, Pacific Daily News, 09/20/09

"House Bill Would Sharply Raise Costs of Guam Project," by Walter Pincus, The Washington Post, 06/30/09

"Buildup Hits Another Snag," by Gerardo Partido, The Marianas Variety, 08/24/09

"Of Snubs and Ifit," by Senator Judith Guthertz, Marianas Variety, 08/27/09

"Bordallo: Funding Mechanisms Are Already in Place," by Jeff Marchessault, Guam News Factor, 08/12/09

"The Guam Military Buildup," by Congressman Neil Abercrombie, 07/11/09

"Residents Say They Should be Consulted in Military Buildup," by Richelle Agpoon, Marianas Variety, 09/25/09

"'Marianas Buildup, Not Guam Buildup'," by Haidee Eugenio, The Saipan Tribune, 04/03/09

"Guam Should be Wary," by Joseph Gerson, The Boston Globe, 01/11/09

"A Major Transition for the Tiny Island of Guam," from the Associated Press, 01/26/09

"Variety Banned by JGPO," by Jennifer Gesick, The Marianas Variety, 04/29/09

"Population Growth Creates Housing Issues," by Jude Lizama, The Marianas Variety, 09/25/09

"Is Guam's Leadership Fighting to Keep Workers Underpaid?," from the Guam Blog, 07/26/09

"Rector's Plan to Raise Guam's Standard of Living," from The Guam Blog, 04/01/09

"Lunch with Inoue Satoshi," by Michael Lujan Bevacqua, No Rest for the Awake, 04/07/09

I Machuchule' Tatten Guahan:

articles about reclaiming Guam

"Acts of Peace: Resistance, Resilience and Respect," by Michael Lujan Bevacqua, No Rest for the Awake, 08/28/09

"We are the Ocean," by Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Guamology, 05/18/09

"Guam Must Have a Louder Voice in Congress," by Zita Taitano, The Marianas Variety, 09/22/09

"The Effort to Reclaim Guahan," by Jayne Flores, Views from the Trench, 05/24/09

"Anti-Bases Coalition Mulled," by Zita Taitano, The Marianas Variety, 09/22/09

"Reclaim Guahan Rally Gathers Strength,'" by Jude Lizama, The Marianas Variety, 05/11/09

"Youth Activists Take Center Stage,'" by Jude Lizama, The Marianas Variety, 05/25/09

"Reclaim Guahan, Reunification, the UN and the Marines," Victoria Leon Guerrero and Michael Lujan Bevacqua, K57, 05/09

"War Stories and Chamorus: Journalism and Militarism on the Tip of the Spear," by Beau Hodai, Indian Country, 07/09/09

"Guam on its Own," by Ben Del Rosario, The Marianas Variety, 08/10/09

"Self-Determination: A Blip on the Federal Radar," by Senator Ben Pangelinan, The Marianas Variety, 08/19/09

"Guam Resists Military Colonialism," by Ann Wright, Common Dreams, 08/17/09

"Self-Determination and Realpolitik," by Gerardo Partido, The Marianas Variety, 08/21/09

"Activists Explore Post-Military Economy," from the Marianas Variety, 09/18/09

"Negotiating Our Future," by Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Guamology, 05/03/09

"Reclaiming Guahan," by Bianca Nguyen, The Decolonization Conversation, 05/23/09


Hita Guahan! Chamorro Testimonies at the United Nations - 2008

Hita Guåhan is a compilation of testimonies presented by Chamorus from Guåhan to the United Nations in New York in 2008. These testimonies carry on the legacy of more than 20 years of Chamorus who’ve appealed to the United Nations on behalf of Guam and Chamoru human rights. It can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the above link.

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