Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sumahi Wows You

Recently, i hagga-hu Sumahi started talking so much, and not just words, but sometimes even short sentences. Usually these sentences deal with demands, for liquids, foods, items, demanding to leave someplace, demanding to go to another place, etc.
One of the cutest sentences that she's started using that is not a demand, is when if you say "I love you" to her, she'll respond to you back (if she loves you) with "I Wow You." I've tried to get her to respond to me when I say "Hu guaiya hao," but no such luck. Although she does respond when I say to her "Hu Wow Hao Nene," and when I respond to her saying it with "Hu Wow Hao Lokkue'."

One of the ways in which you can tell whether or not Sumahi does indeed "wow" you, is if she'll play with you when you speak to her in Chamorro. Slowly over the past couple months I've taught her a half dozen words, and taught her a corresponding action to each of those words. If she likes you, then she'll play along with you and giggle and laugh as you say each of the words and she acts out what they mean.

Here are the words and actions:

Na'i yu' singko: Literally "give me five." If you say this to Sumahi and she trusts you, then she'll smack the palm of your hand.

Dakdak: Means to knock on something or tap on something, such as knocking on a door. When you say this to Sumahi she'll turn her hand into a fist and wait for you to do the same so you can do a "fist bump."

Biba: An exclamation of excitement or calling celebratory attention to something, usually translates to "long live!" If you say this to Sumahi then she'll give you a thumbs up sign and put out her pointer finger and you are supposed to tap the tip of your pointer finger to hers.

Fongfong: Means to pound or smash something. If you say this to Sumahi then she make a fist and lift it up in the air and get ready to pound it down on the top of your fist.

Patmada: Means to slap. If you say this to Sumahi she will either slap you or slap at whatever you are pointing to.

Hulos i tiyan-mu: Hulos means, to pet or to touch lightly, to soothe or stroke. Tiyan-mu means your belly. So you say this to Sumahi and she will rush to rub her belly. By the way, if you say "hulos" and then name something else or someone else, she will rush to go and rub or pet them.

Paki: One of the first Chamorro words that Sumahi knew was "pakpak" which amongst other things means "to clap" for applause. Paki is a new word that she's learned, which means gun or to shoot. If you say paki to Sumahi then she'll turn her hand into a gone and slink away from you and start making cute little baby gunshot noises as she blows you away.
Baila: The detonator word, the word which will ultimately make Sumahi explode and go nuts is "baila" or dance. Once she hears this word, it doesn't matter where she is, she blows up and literally starts dancing around yelling "baila! baila!"

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Drea said...

Your daughter is adorable.


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