Monday, February 02, 2009

Some Much Needed International Solidarity

Sometimes I wonder if any of the things that I do on the internet matter.

I write regularly on this blog, I have my zine Minagahet, I run or help run several different websites, such as Decolonize Guam or On all of these sites, I'm analyzing, cutting and pasting information about what's happening on Guam or what will soon happen to Guam. Because of this, a lot of people assume that I have a level of influence, that I'm not sure I actually do.

When I come across letters such as the one below however, I start to feel better.

Kulang magom yu'. Fihu hinasso-ku na taiga'chong i Chamoru siha gi este na mundo, sa' kalang todu ma aksesepta na i Amerikånu siha i dueñu-ta. Lao este na taotao ha tutungo’ i minagahet. Kada na hu taitai este, hinassosso-ku, “taimanu na siña ta taka’ mas taotao?”


January 11, 2009

"US PLANS for military buildup leave Guam wary" (Page A9, Jan. 4) reminded me why the Chamorro people are increasingly fearful of the destruction of their environment and culture, and why many are doing all they can to prevent the massive US military expansion in their occupied land.

Guam remains the colony designed to reinforce US dominance in Asia that William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt envisioned when they seized it from Spain in 1898. Twenty-five years ago, members of the Guam Land Owners' Association worked with two maps. One depicted Guam's best fresh water supply, agricultural land, and fishing grounds. The other showed the US military bases in their homeland. The maps were nearly identical.

Now, with many Okinawans and other Japanese saying that they've had enough of US nuclear-powered ships based in their cities, and that they are fed up with the terrifying noise of night-landing and low-altitude flights and the seizure of their lands, the idea is to transfer some of this nightmare to Guam. Guam's isolated 155,000 people are a frail force to resist the imperium.

As a nation, we feel shame when we recall the genocide and cultural destruction of our country's first peoples. We should not repeat it with the military corruption and destruction of Guam.

Joseph Gerson
Director of programs
American Friends Service Committee
New England Region


Drea said...

It's nice to know that there actually are people in the states that understand what the U.S. is and will be doing to our island. Most people don't even know where Guam is. Thank you for sharing that.

roldy said...

your words may drift in this sea of information, swaying with each swell, crashing with each click. but they move. they are carried to shores and lands, reaching those who cannot be where hope is needed the most. and to imagine something better.

Michael Lujan Bevacqua said...

Si Yu'us Ma'ase for both your comments, and thank you for reading my blog. I guess when we are confronted with such lazy colonial apathy, any mention of the truth is important.


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