Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mud and Maga'haga'

If this video can get 25,000 hits in the next five days, then it'll have a shot at being on MTV. Click on it to support yet another band with Guam roots and pride. The director of the video is Alex Munoz who has a couple of different projects going on right now. In May, he'll be giving an update on his latest documentary and feature films at the Guma'Famoksaiyan: Gathering Strength for the Journey Ahead conference in San Diego.

I like the song, but personally, my favorite song of theirs that I've heard is this their version of the song "Apartment 4," which I saw on KUAM Extra.


Speaking of videos that need more clicks on Youtube. The Maga'haga' video documentary that me and Famoksaiyan helped film and produce are very much in need of some more attention. At present its at 911 hits, which isn't bad considering that most Guam videos out Youtube have just a handful. Put fabot, ono este na link, ya na'tungo' maisa hamyo put i estao i isla-ta siha. Bula piligro esta mamagi para i isla-ta. Ya hayi i mas magnot na ga'chong para este na piniligro? I taitiningo'-ta yan i taikare-ta!

Kontat ki ya ti ta chonneneki yan mumumuyi un diferente na estao-ta, kontat ki ti ta edudukan maisa hit put hafa i mismo na prublema-ta, taisetbe hit, ya siempre pau kinalamut i isla-ta ni' este mamaila na napun militat.

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