Chamorro Public Service Announcement - Apo Magi

I've gotten an incredible amount of requests over the past few years (desde hu tutuhon este na blog) for the lyrics to the J.D. Crutch song Apo Magi.

Tonight, as a public service to all, I've decided to post the lyrics as I know them and understand them, which might differ slightly from the actual lyrics, sa' tanngga yu' didide'.

Since I am all about language revitalization, I will not post an English translation to the lyrics. If you want to know what he's singing, please get a dictionary or someone who speaks Chamorro and start translating. A simple and fun task, but nonetheless difficult. The inital attempts can be frustrating, but you should not stop or give up so easily, breaking down the lyrics of a song can be very helpful in picking up pieces of grammar. I can speak to this from personal experience, since forcing my grandmother to help me translate Chamorro songs into English, was one of the activities which really pushed my Chamorro language learning to new levels.

Tinige' Si J.D. Crutch
(maayao i dandan ginnen un kantan BeeGees)

Ai siña ti un tungo’
Taiguihi tiningo’ put Hågu
Ya ti hu chå’ka hao yanggen un dingu
Lao hu li’e hao gi painge
Ya un lågu gi matå-mu
Ya ha pacha yu’ mas ki na bei hu sangan
Lao ti hu hongge i che’lu-hu
Na pon na’puti yu’ nai på’go
Ni’ guahu gaigage magahet gi fi’on-mu

Ai apo mågi gi apagå-hu
Ya bai sangani hao ni’ estoria-hu
Sa’ Hågu ya-hu

Ai siña ti un hongge
I korason-hu kumakate ai put Hågu
Ai lao Hågu i che’lu-hu
Ya magåhet ti un hahasso
Na put Hågu yu’ nai nene na mafatto
Lao un na’klaru giya Guahu
Na magåhet na ti ya-mu
Pues bai hu hanao
Ya i na’an-hu nai ti hu hungok

Ai apo mågi gi apagå-hu
Ya bai sangani hao ni’ estoria-hu
Sa’ Hågu ya-hu


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