Fanachu! was first started by Manny Cruz in 2016 as part of the media committee of Independent Guåhan. When he left island for graduate school, it was taken over by Lawrence "Signezama" Lizama. Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, I've been taking over hosting duties. I've always been a part of Fanachu! but since last year, I've taken over much of it, with help in producing or organizing and hosting episodes from others every once in a while. 

Several things helped me get through the pandemic and all its sort of low fi craziness. One thing was Fanachu! Having something to focus on each week, to bring people into conversation, to learn more about things I'm interested in. It was a nice way to focus my life and feel like I was still having an impact, albeit small one, at a time when things were being delayed or cancelled. 

Earlier this month Fanachu! reached 100 patrons! An exciting milestone, I never thought it would reach. 

As part of finally getting to this peak, I've released a series of podcast episodes for those who sign up as Patrons, called Taotaomo'na Tales. To check out these episodes and also other content only Patrons have access to, sign up at this link:


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